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Telematics (IOV: Internet of Vehicle) is a subdivision of the things in the automotive field applications, mobile Internet, Internet of things to the path which the substance and depth of business development is the future of information and communication, environmental protection, energy saving, safety, and development of integrated technologies. Car networking system, is refers to is uses advanced sensing technology, and network technology, and technology, and control technology, and smart technology, on road and traffic for comprehensive perception, achieved multiple system between large range, and large capacity data of interactive, on each vehicles car for traffic full control, on each article road for traffic full spatio-temporal control, to provides traffic efficiency and traffic security mainly of network and application. It can through car and car, and car and people, and car and road interconnect Exchange achieved information shared, collection vehicles, and road and environment of information, and in information network platform Shang on more source collection of information for processing, and calculation, and shared and security publishing, according to different of features needs on vehicles for effective of boot and regulatory, and provides professional of multimedia and moved Internet application service.

Internal connectivity are at the initial stage, have not yet formed a complete industrial chain, but some vehicle information service area, such as in-car navigation, has become a measure of market size. According to intellectual research advisory understanding at the same time, target audience is also growing demand for mobile information services. As real networking of vertical application, car networking in “Twelve-Five” planning of strategic emerging industries has is important of status, it is next-generation information communications technology and car manufacturing depth fusion of results, is promote car manufacturing and services, and traffic transport services, transformation upgrade in the of important power, is in maintained national economy economic continued growth of while strengthened social security, improve traffic efficiency and development green energy-saving of important means.

From the network point of view, the IOV system is a “End-Tube-Cloud” three-tier system.

The first layer (end systems): end system is the smart sensor, is responsible for the collection and get the vehicle’s intelligent information, sense road status and environment, is with in-vehicle communication, workplace communication, ubiquitous communications vehicle communication network Terminal while also addressing and network is to equip cars with IOV credible ability to identify equipment.

The second layer (tube system): address car and car (V2V), and car and road (V2R), and car and network (V2I), and car and people (V2H), of interconnect Exchange, achieved vehicles since group network and the multiple heterogeneous network of communications and roaming, in features and performance Shang guarantees real-time sexual, and can service and network pan in sexual, while it is public network and spot network of continuum.

Third layer (cloud system): car networking is a cloud schema of vehicles run information platform, it of ecological chain contains has ITS, and logistics, and van games, and dangerous special vehicles, and steam repair auto parts, and car leasing, and enterprises vehicles management, and car manufacturer, and 4S shop, and car tube, and insurance, and emergency rescue, and moved Internet,, is more source mass information of brings together, therefore needs virtual of, and security certification, and real-time interactive, and mass storage, cloud computing features, its application system is around vehicles of data brings together, and calculation, and scheduling, and monitoring, and Management and application of composites. Noteworthy is that now GPS+GPRS is not a real sense of connectivity, nor is the Internet of things, but a combination of technology, currently the most experimental IOV and ITS concept is based on this technology.

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