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BOIN-E Internet of Vehicle Terminal

1. Product Features


BOIN-E Internet of Vehicle Terminal (BOIN-E IOVT) products is a highly intelligent highly integrated and next-generation real significance of commercial car?networking terminals (IoV Terminal), BOIN-E IOVT smart vehicle terminal is integration “people”, and “vehicle”, and “station”, and “line” four elements of next-generation commercial connecting car smart terminals, not only has several existing vehicle equipment of features:

Vehicle GPS, Vehicle-DVR, Auto Video People Counter, Driving Recorder, Sound-Station, TV Advertising Machine, Panoramic View Parking, Ultrasonic fuel-level meter, FM/AM Radio, Map Navigator, Illegal Occupancy Buses Lane Capture. It also has the following intelligent video functions:

16-channel D1 digital video recorder(dual streaming), support 1-4 door Passenger Counting (binocular Stereo Camera), supported “Static and dynamic video separation record” of counting Video Index, Passengers Face Detection, Driver Face Recognition and Identity Authentication, Preventing Drivers Fatigue, Road Congestion Information Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Road Sign Recognition, in front of Pedestrian Detection Collision Avoidance Systems, ?Vehicle?Safety Distance Warning System, Blind Spot Information System,?Vehicle License Plate Recognition, and so on, and set aside the full interface, you can connect various devices on the vehicles, such as:

Vehicle LCD televisions, LED screens, hand-held ticket machines, self-service ticket machine with IC reader, vehicle audio amplifier, alarm buttons, microphone, two CAN bus, phone headset, and so on.

All of these features are integrated in a 2-DIN box with 7-inch LCD touch-screen, and can be very easily installed on the driver’s dashboard, easy to view a variety of bus information and convenience of the bus drivers were related operations.


2. Product Functions

1).?16 channels Mobile DVR

16-Channel full real time D1 (720×576) full frame rate and live encoding;
16-Channel Video and 4-Channel Audio (can be expanded to 16-Channel) sync input, 2-Channel Outputs with Video/Audio sync;
Intelligent video detection information & Position information are packed into the video stream;
Real-time 3G/Wi-Fi video upload and review, remote download video;
Video Playback via Touch screen and 3G remote and Wi-Fi remote.

2).?1-4 Doors Passenger Counting

Support 1-4 doors passenger counting (Binocular Stereo Camera), people counting has high precision and high stability of the 93%-99%. Combined with the separation of static and dynamic video index and ticketing management process and station management process, you can completely monitor and control the ticket fare.

Video Index: Each station period of only passengers on and off the bus will be chosen and recorded together into a continuous index of the video, and can be superimposed character information and the location information and the passengers face photos to distinguish passengers ride the accuracy range. Greatly reducing the workload of the video review.


3).?GPS Position Monitoring

To support China’s Beidou (COMPASS) system, the United States global positioning (GPS) system and Russia’s GLONASS (GLONASS) system, the European Galileo (GALILEO) system, an optional separate modules, or four in one module.

Supports mixed positioning features, using 9-axis sensors data automatically locate in the blind area of GPS system.

Supports a variety of monitoring and alarm features: Exceeding parking time alarm, Over-speed alarm, Out of area range alarm, Into the area alarm; Entering the node alarm, Exiting the node alarm, GPS is not positioned alarm, GPS antenna short circuit alarm, Antenna failure alarm; Antenna open circuit alarm, Gateway alerts.

Position Return on three ways: time, distance, timing and distance in return, while supporting the inflection points in return. Supports multiple servers, the slave server may be a backup server.

Blind zone re-upload: 30 seconds upload the location, data record up to 48 hours or more.

Vehicle control: Can cut off oil, power outages at the same time.

4).?Cinema, TV, AD

On the in-car LCD TV, playing DI picture quality (720×576) or by using HDMI playing HD picture quality (1920×1080), MP3, Pictures, Video files, Advertising alphabet. The LCD TV can be divided into 16 regions, Respectively and simultaneously play the video, the pictures, the voice and the scrolling marquee messages.


Cinema, TV, AD, Voice-Announce

Cinema, TV, AD, Voice-Announce

Cinema, TV, AD, Voice-Announce

5).?FM Radio

Global FM band (76-108MHz) and the AM band (520-1710KHz). Stereo analog audio signal output.Adaptive stereo noise cancellation (SNC) functionality.


Support connected to the microphone and car stereo to achieve broadcast and Karaoke function.


According to the GPS information, when the BUS drive to station/service area, IOVT will auto voice-announce using voice/subtitles/image/video. When GPS data is error, bus driver can manual button to correct in touch screen or choose manual voice-announce mode.

8).?Switch video when door open/close

Automatically switch video what you want to watch in touch screen when a door opened and closed ; Only open a door, then the door video full screen, when open two or more doors, touch screen will quad display images you set, click on a channel image, it will change to full screen.

Switch video when door open/close

Switch video when door open/close

9).?Panoramic View Reversing

When bus driver using the reverse gear, 7 inch touch screen will switch to pre-set body front and back, left and right of the four (or one) camera images automatically, for bus driver to view around the bus.


Panoramic View Reversing

10).?Traffic Information Record

CAN bus: Real-time accessing to the drive-system and body-systems of the two CAN BUS, and upload these data to a central server.8 Switches Access: Vibration, brakes, door status, lights left, right lights, high beam, ACC, oil control.

32 kinds of CAN message:

Engine speed, vehicle speed, throttle position, brake condition, the clutch state, the command torque, the actual torque demand torque, friction torque, engine load, time, fuel consumption, fuel mileage, water temperature, oil temperature, oil temperature, the temperature supercharger, intercooler the temperature, the engine compartment temperature, air temperature, fuel pressure, oil level, oil pressure, cooling water level, boost pressure, air pressure, pressure, voltage, average fuel consumption, total fuel consumption, total mileage, total engine hours, engine total revolutions.

Connect Varieties of Devices via Serial Port

IOVT connectivity Terminal 5 serial ports (three RS232 and two RS485) can be connected such as LED Screen, IC card reader(attendance machines), Fingerprint attendance machine, Ultrasonic oil detector, IC/ID card Reader and coin-operated vending machines etc.. All these devices are managed and scheduled by the IOVT, and upload these data to a central server.

11).?IC card ticket vending machine

IOVT through serial port (RS232/RS485) connecting existing IC card ticket vending machine in the bus, the credit card and coin information will upload to the central server in real time.


12).?Connect LED Screen

IOVT can connect to 1-8 LED screens in the bus to show stop announce/advertising text message what you edit.


13).?Fuel Monitoring

IOVT can get oil tank float and fuel data, based on fuel consumption data, real-time recording and uploading fuel use exceptions. Eliminate abnormal phenomenon oil loss and theft of gasoline.


14).?Ultrasonic Oil Detector

You can use Ultrasonic oil detector to detect any liquid gas tank (such as diesel, gasoline, and so on) real-time liquid level height, and then converted into fuel tank volume, you can get real-time oil volume changes. Installation is very easy, simply fixed to the tank bottom, without changing the fuel tank of any structure, very accurate and secure.


15).?9-Axis Sensor

9-axis sensor can be obtained in real time: 3-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis magnetometer of nine values. Therefore, IOVT can detect a vehicle braking / acceleration / drop-off, sharp turn / tilt / roll, compass information. With brake and accelerator information, you can generate reports of driving behavior, as a driver assessment.

GPS inertial navigation: When the bus driving to the tunnel near tall buildings or city, there is no GPS signal, you can gyroscopes to measure vehicle yaw displacement or linear motion, in order to continue to report vehicle location information and navigation.


16).?* Driver Face Recognition

A camera mounted on the dashboard to face bus driver, and IOVT will detect and recognize the bus driver face, and detect wearing or not a dark glasses. These face detection and recognition information can be used for attendance management and prevent driver long driver fatigue management.


17).?* Road Sign Recognition

Through a watching the front of the bus camera, IOVT will detect any road sign in right side or above of the road and recognize them in real time. Combined with the bus status, remind drivers in real time, and upload to the central server, generate reports of driver’ driving behavior.


18).?Passengers Face Detection

Supporting passengers multi-face detection in D1 video stream, the smallest margin 20 pixels between the eyes. Face photos superimposed on the video.


19、* Road Information Collection

Using intelligent image analysis images from two cameras on the front and the rear of the bus top, detect unobstructed or crowding of the road, and transfer these information to the dispatch center in real time.


20).?* Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

By camera s on both sides of the vehicle or a watching the front of the bus camera, IOVT will detect lane lines(white/yellow cables) in real-time, determine whether the vehicle is traveling in the lane or not. According to the set threshold time, IOVT will judge or alarm, you can set the color of lane line (white/yellow). Based on these alarm results, generate driving behavior report of bus driver and evaluate the driver specification.




the front



21).?*Automate Capture Abuse-Lanes

Through intelligent video analysis technology, use a watching the front of the bus camera to detect all vehicles in the bus lane, and through the vehicle classification and license plate number recognition, filter out non-bus vehicles. In determining the illegal vehicle is driving the bus lane, IOVT will take the three pictures and save a record (date, time, locations, illegal type, license plate, and photos,) and illegal records will be automatically uploaded to center server and be saved.


22).? * Pedestrian Detection Avoidance System

Through the passive infrared thermal imaging camera in the front of vehicle, real-time detect pedestrians in front of vehicle, night-time automatic real-time infrared video displayed on the touch screen; once finding pedestrians, prompting drivers to pay attention by voice / light.


23).?Phone, SMS

Group Call Function: By GPRS/3G voice data channel, the dispatch center can phone call all bus drivers.

Communication: Implementing reciprocal information exchange with the central platform, call answering calls, text message issued receipt

Call Center Feature: Center monitoring platform can be set freely call center number, issued to the Terminal

Voice Broadcast Feature: Center issued scheduling information, Terminal through the TTS to read information content;

24).?Passengers Get-Off Button

IOVT device can connect get-off button installed on the bus handrail, when there are passengers press the button, buzzer and LCD will prompt drivers that passengers had to get off.


25).?* Handheld Vending Machine (Wi-Fi/BlueTooth)

Handheld with Wi-Fi enabled vending machines can be connected, when the conductor after selling a ticket, the ticket sales information is automatically transferred to the IOVT device to save or upload to the central server via 3G.


26).?Driver Alarm Button

On the bridge near the instrument panel, with buttons or retrofit existing emergency alarm button, emergency alarm when the driver presses the button, the whole car video All videos and upload alarm information to a central server.

You can also set voice features: car with emergency button, press the emergency button to the police for help, a key call.

27).?Passengers Mobile Access (Wi-Fi)

Passengers can phone via Wi-Fi or BlueTooth connection IOVT terminal opinion column in the pop-up page, fill in the comment text, and upload photos; submitted, saved to IOVT equipment can also be uploaded to the central server.


28).?*NFC Ticketing

Support Card Emulation, P2P Mode, Reader/Writer Mode


29).?* IP Phone call

Support calls via the Internet and LAN (Wi-Fi) calls.

30).?*3G Television

Coding compression rate, the system is highly integrated, small size, transmission rate at 600K-2Mbps conditions, to achieve a clear image, the system is stable, fully meet the standard definition (720×576) format image resolution.


Center navigation, self-navigation features: Platform issued destinations to the terminal, the terminal automatically opens Maps planned path, to achieve the center navigation

Send a single path optimization: delivery address after center optimization, issued to the terminal, the terminal address under optimized to achieve the navigation work.

32).?Startup Control / Low Power Standby

ACC can be connected to the ignition control, according to the power situation, delayed shutdown, scheduled power, low power consumption (10mA) long standby (can stand for 30 days).

3G Certification

? AT&T, Rogers /? TIM /? FCC/? ROHS/? REACH/? PTCRB


3. Product Specification

OS Linux
Video/Audio Input
Video Compression H.264
Analog Video Input 16-channels
Video Input Interface Analog Video Input, Aviation plug (1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω), PAL/NTSC self-adaptive
Audio Compression G.711
Audio Input 4-channels (up to 16-ch)
Audio Input Interface Aviation plug (linear electrical level, 1 kΩ)
Video/Audio Output
Recording resolution 4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
Video Output 2-ch CVBS video output, aviation plug (1.0 Vp-p , 75 Ω)
Resolution: PAL: 720×576; NTSC:768×480;
Frame Rate 25 fps(P) /30 fps(N)
Video Bit Rate 32Kbps~2048Kbps, or user-defined (Max.8Mbps)
Stream Type Video/Video&Audio
Audio Output 2-ch Stereo, Aviation Interface (Linear electrical level, 600Ω)
Audio Code 16kbps
Intelligent Video Analysis
People Counting Support 1-4 doors (130cm) people counting with StereoCamera. High accuracy:93%-98%
Face Detection Multi-face detection, face degree <= 30
Face Recognition One to many matching, matching time 500ms
Hard Disk
Storage Two piece of 2.5 inches SATA interface HDD / SSD hard drive
Backup Backup Support SD Card, USB Disk, Wi-Fi
Wireless Transmission
3G EVDO, CDMA, TD-SCDMA (Optional)
2G GSM (Optional)
Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi module, support for 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band 2.4G/4.8GHz, supports WDS wireless repeater
Support for Wi-Fi hotspots, 254 passengers can connect mobile phones / laptops and other wireless terminals
Can be connected to Wi-Fi handheld ticket machines
BlueTooth 79 channels; 2.402G-2.480G; Range :10-20 meters
Satellite Location
GNSS GPS、GLONASS、Galileo、Compass
GSM location No GPS signal, the cellular assisted positioning
9 degrees sensor/td> No GPS signal, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis angular precision positioning
Radio Stereo FM/AM Radio
9 degrees sensor ±2/±4/±8/±16 g dynamically selectable linear
acceleration full-scale
±2/±4/±8/±12 gauss dynamically selectable
magnetic full-scale
±250/±500/±2000 dps dynamically selectable
angular rate full-scale
Touch Screen 7 inch resistive touch screen, full touch input. Resolution of 800 × 480; 15:9 LCD screen. Three function buttons
GPI 4-ch high/low-level signal input; 8 Switches GP Input
GPO 4-ch relay output (GP Output)
Serial Ports Three RS232; Two RS485
LAN 1000M Ethernet port
SIM 1 standard SIM slot
SD/SDHC One in front panel, one in rears
USB One in front panel, one in rears; Mini USB
Antenna 3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/FM
Power Output DC 12V /2A and DC 5V / 2A power output for cameras and other devices
MIC/Speaker Headset, without amplifier
MTBF Mean time between failures > 40000 hours
Temperature -25 ~ +55℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90% non condensing
Radiator Fan, One for CPU, One for box.
Power Input DC +15V ~ +36V
Power Consumption ≤25W
Weight About 5.5Kg(no including hard disk)
Dimensions 178×150×100mm(L×W×H) , 2 din box
Operation Full touch screen and 3 buttons; Remote control

Note: the product specification information above is for reference only, if there are changes in technical specifications or error, are subject to change without notice, product specification shall prevail.