City Bus Management

City Bus Management


BOIN-E City Bus version of bus telematics is for bus fleet transport companies and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit).


1. Overview of Solution

Passenger Transportation industry is a service industry, to address the real-time safety of during transportation and management issues, thereby enhancing the overall level of security and management of passenger transport industry, BOIN-E released the City Bus IOVT version and system platforms.

The City Bus application system consists of three major components: Internet of Vehicle Terminal (IOVT), Servers, Monitors client (computer / phone).

2. System Benefit

1)  People counting avoid ticket corruption;

2)  Strength bus company management;

3)  Collection bus information for management; Fuel savings of up to 25% in some cases

4)   Specification driver behavior, reduce road accidents;

5)   Use high-tech to improve the quality of services.

3. System Functions

1) 4G Vehicle DVR

16 Channels D1 Vehicle digital video hard disk recorder with 3G/4G review and playback; Support video summary recording of people counting in and out.

2) Binocular Stereo Camera Passenger Counting

Support 1-4 doors people counting of a bus; Alarm when overload passengers.

3)  Voice Announcement

Support automatically and manually with touch screen voice announcing with GPS/LBS;

4)  Media Player

Movie player; Advertisement player; FM/AM radio;

5) Voice Intercom

Driver and platform IP-Voice intercom; Driver and other drivers IP-Voice intercom.

6)  Phone call and SMS

Support phone calls and text messages

7)  Drivers management

Driving driving-behavior management and assessment; drivers face recognition time attendance; IC-card attendance; or fingerprint recognition time attendance;

8)  Driver Assistance

7-inch LCD touch-screen human-machine interaction; Reversing video switching; Backdoor opening video switching; Driver fatigue detection; Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS); Leading vehicle distance detection; Vehicles in front of pedestrian detection alarm;

9)  Remote Surveillance

3G/4G support real-time audio and video uploads; various photos uploaded images; Mobile video playback; iOS mobile monitoring; Android phone monitoring; supports a variety of data Wi-Fi / eSATA videos exported.

10)  Driving Record

Car black box function; bus body around real-time video; real-time access to the CAN bus data; OBD real-time access to the data; 3-axis accelerometer 3-axis angular rate sensor;

11)  GPS

Dynamic target monitoring: real-time vehicle location positioning, vehicle track playback, vehicle key monitoring;

Various types of alarm: Emergency alarm, speed alarm, segmented speed alarm, driver fatigue alarm, overload alarm, deviation alarm line;
6-axis sensor switch GPS blind navigation;

12)  Support a variety of external devices

Bus LCD TV, car audio, microphone, body and interior take the text LCD screen, handheld ticket machines, emergency alarm button, ultrasonic oil controller, fingerprint identification device;

13)  Road Information Collection

Road congestion information collection; road sign detection and recognition; passengers face detection; around the vehicle license plate recognition;

14)  Navigation

Support for offline navigation and online navigation, the platform can be issued at any time under the car route navigation.

15)  Bus Reports

Real-time data collection and upload various operators; automatically generate various reports statistics; automatically counts down the number of each station; fault diagnosis; fuel statistical analysis; condition state analysis; travel log analysis; Green driving advice.

4. System Diagram