Video People Counter

iBoin-VPC Video People Counter


Technical Features

  • High counting accuracy (>97%)
  • Strong, compact, reliable
  • Binocular 3D stereo vision cameras
  • Built-in infrared LED lamp, suitable for all kinds of lighting condition (even it’s all black around)
  • Adaptability: can distinguish between bi-directional, side by side, stranded, wandering, luggage, etc
  • Per camera can detect door width is 120cm
  • Rich API software interface to facilitate secondary development
  • 4 interfaces, easy to use
  • Independent 10 I/O control interfaces
  • Easy to install, software friendly
  • DSP is embedded & stand-alone
  • Work in a large temperature difference, low power consumption
  • Can be used in the case of steps
  • Can be equipped with GPS/GPRS module

Product brief introduction

iBoin-VPC (BUS VIDEO PEOPLE COUNTER), is a compact precision, based on binocular stereo vision(Binocular Stereo Camera) technology of embedded products for non-contact. The product can be used in buses, metros, trains, steamer ship, shopping malls, building channels and other various places that required statistical passenger. It can be easily installed in the door, roof, walls, ceilings and other parts.

VPC can accurately determines the number of people and their access direction by analysis all the height、image、shape, orientation of the object in the image captured by binocular camera; then VPC generate an access log after overlay date and time (or Longitude/Latitude/Speed information). Binocular camera built-in infrared LED lamp can be adapted to any type of lighting condition, even black can work properly. Binocular camera’s built-in infrared LED lighting can adapt to any light environment, and can work properly even if the environment is black.

The records of the counting people can be real-time transferred via RS485, RS232, TCP/IP or can be download by USB flash disc. Built-in standalone digital I/O ports can be connected to other devices or switch device. If there is Bus DVR(Digital Video Recorder) or Vehicle – GPS/GPRS, you can tag the video when someone passed for later playback retrieval and manual checks. Connections are as follows, such as connecting door switch, you can set when the door is closed, the counter stops counting.

Installation sample

Each counter can connect to one or two StereoCameras to inspect front and rear doors’ channel respectively. Or connect multiple StereoCameras with counters, you can detect 1.2 m-10 m channel. If three or more of the doors of the car, you can have multiple counters and multiple StereoCameras wired up, and may share a common GPS/GPRS module or serial port to transfer the data.

Model Description
iBoin-VPC-21V Single door counter, containing one camera
iBoin-VPC-22V Two doors counter, containing two cameras
iBoin-VPC-21V-GGM Single door counter with GPS/GPRS Module , containing one camera
iBoin-VPC-22V-GGM Two doors counter with GPS/GPRS Module , containing two cameras
iBoin-VPC-WG Wide-door counter,Adding a stereoscopic cameras, increasing the width 60-70cm detection
iBoin-VPC-MG Multiple door counter, each counter can connect 1 or 2 binocular camera
iBoin-VPC-MG-GGM Multiple door counter, each counter can connect 1 or 2 binocular camera, containing one GPS/GPRS module

GPS/GPRS Description

  • Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS multi-slot class 10 standard
  • GPRS mobile station class B standard
  • Content GSM phase 2/2+ standard Class 4 (2W @ 850/900 MHz)
  • Low power consumption
  • GPRS class 8/10: Max 85.6 kbps (downstream rate )
  • Positioning accuracy : <2.5 meter CEP
  • Power consumption (GSM idle mode): Capture:77mA Track:76mA
  • SIM card interface
  • Antenna connector for GPS&GPRS


Physical Characteristics

Size — RJ45×1 Standard Ethernet port
— People counter:154×120×45mm (L×W×H) — USB1.1×2 Universal serial bus ports
— Stereo Camera:126×50×48.5mm(L×W×H) — Digital Divide GPI/O
Power (4 level + 4 switch input +2 relay output)
— Power input:DC12/24V(8-36V wide voltage input) — GPS+GPRS Module(Optional)
— StereoCamera consumption:≤3W Environmental adaptation
— People counter consumption:≤5W — MTBF: >40000 hours
The communication interface — Operating temperature range:-25~+55celsius
— RS485×1 Standard serial interface — Relative humidity (RH):10%~90% Not condensing
— RS232×1 Standard serial interface — Heat dissipation: no active cooling, passive cooling
The product specification information above is for reference only, if there are changes in technical specifications or error, are subject to change without notice, product specification shall prevail.